Broker software house CDL is to offer brokers access to DVLA data for the insurance quotation process through its acquisition of The Vehicle Inspection Company UK (TVIC).

CDL is to offer the service both to its existing brokers and to third party brokers.

The DVLA data will allow brokers access to the make and model of a car by keying in a registration number.

According to CDL this should speed up the quotation process, reduce insurer and intermediary reworking and reduce errors on policy documents.

CDL general manager Rick Slater said: "By taking a controlling interest in TVIC we will be able to ensure that the technology and services are of the highest quality for our broker partners. The reduction in error rates and occurrences of software fraud also means that savings will ultimately find their way back to the consumer."

Vehicle Provenance (VPL) is to act as CDL's sole marketing agent for DVLA data and services to non-CDL users.