The Lloyd's market must look at the way it works just as much as the systems it uses if it is to meet the FSA's contract certainty deadline of the end of the year, according to service provider Cadre CSM.

Andrew Plum, business development executive with the company, warned that the 85% contract certainty target by December 2006 would be "very difficult" to achieve for some organisations if the issues surrounding their business processes were not addressed.

Cadre CSM has launched its own contract certainty solution ConCert to support, audit, report and manage activity during the process of quoting and placing new and renewal business.

Plum said: "Millions of pounds have been spent in the market on new systems to try to make the average insurance person's life better.

"But in the end a lot of organisations are just doing the same things as they did before. The failure of Kinnect is a shining example of that."

A recent survey carried out by Cadre of more than 100 brokers in the London market revealed that just under 7% of businesses were using a full technology solution to help achieve contract certainty.

Nearly 17% of companies surveyed were using 'tick sheets' with just under 46% using Excel spreadsheets and 24% producing reports from core systems.