Insurance network expands its document service to brokers

Ceta, the general insurance network, has avoided much of the frustration caused by postal strikes by extending the scope of their Internet-based document download service for brokers.

Despite interruptions to the mail service, members of Ceta have been able to carry on business as usual, thanks to a range of policy documents, which are now available for downloading from Ceta’s portal.

In addition, members can now quote for over 70 different products and complete applications online.

Intermediaries can now easily download household, let property, unoccupied, tradesmen and professional liability, travel, shops, offices and property owners’ policy documents, free of charge.

David Quick, managing director of Ceta, said: “CETA’s brokers have been able to bypass the postal system and continue their work as normal. As it is, in most cases, there is no longer any need to wait for the paper version of the policy documents and schedules to arrive in the post."