Paul Hirst's letter highlights several points, not least of course, what is a schemeNULL We have written schemes for brokers for many years and our definition to justify that title must be:

a) it is available to all brokers
b) It contains special features that improve the level and scope of cover and/or offer premium savings
c) It should not be confused with a group discount offering reduced premiums for affinity groups.
d) It is underwritten by insurers of the highest standing who are disclosed to brokers
e) It is properly researched
f) The schemes provider must be financially sound.
g) That all communications are with the brokers and not with their clients.

As the composites become more and more demanding of brokers regarding premium income, it becomes increasingly important that all brokers have access to the best covers available. Scheme providers have replaced insurance companies in many areas of the market and provide the level of personal attention which once pertained in dealings with insurers.

Finally, we would urge brokers to ensure that they are dealing with reputable scheme providers, who always operate in the best interest of their clients, the brokers.
Gordon Smart,
managing partner