Cila has established a fraud special interest group to advise members' views on fraud-related issues.

The group will offer Cila members guidance on legislation as well as representing loss adjusters on external bodies.

One of the group's first tasks has been to examine the information-sharing agreement drawn up between the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the ABI.

"We are aiming to harness the expertise of our members," Cila education director Tony Clack said.

"The group recently met to discuss the effectiveness of the ACPO-ABI guidelines, though the group's response is not yet published. We will also provide members with guidance on legislation, such as the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)".

The fraud group is the first special interest group established by Cila, but the institute is looking to develop similar groups tasked with addressing a range of topics.

"We are looking to develop the concept of special interest groups which will look at issues such as arson, subsidence, and flooding and any other area where we feel the interests of our members are best represented by Cila," Clack said.