Aon head of claims to lead the way in Cila's professional conduct committee

Aon's John Bell has been appointed chair of the professional conduct committee of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (Cila).

The role will ensure that individuals, businesses and insurers receive an unbiased and professional standard of support through the claims process.

The committee is responsible for upholding the professional integrity of its loss adjusting members and carrying out investigations in the event of alleged misconduct.

Previously a loss adjuster for 17 years, Bell is now head of claims at Aon. This means he brings a fresh look to the role from the point of view of the insured and their expectations.

Bell commented: "Loss adjusters face the challenge of increasing regulation while investigating claims.

"Our role is to help our members maintain their professionalism by understanding the laws that protect the claimant's human rights, while ensuring that they treat the customer fairly and professionally.

"Although we have very few complaints about our members' conduct, we always fully investigate any allegations to help rectify the situation and uphold customer expectations.

"It's a privilege to be appointed chair of this influential committee, as I am a firm believer in maintaining professional standards."