Motor salvage company Universal Salvage has updated its STAT US vehicle control and insurance database with a new web-based version.

The system, which allows insurance companies to track the status of all vehicles held by Universal Salvage, has been redesigned to increase efficiency.

Biju Chudasama, Universal Salvage's IT director and system creator, said: "We believe in the importance of investment in new technology to speed up our processes and make it easier for insurers to find the information they need."

The development could save insurance companies huge sums in storage costs for vehicles awaiting salvage clearance.

Insurers will be able to clear their records of written-off vehicles faster and more accurately.

Delays in the salvaging process will be traced instantly on screen, and the problem swiftly identified.

Universal Salvage handles more than 140,000 accident-damaged vehicles every year on behalf of insurers. It holds hundreds of vehicles at any one time, at different stages of the clearance process.

The company's modified system will enable insurers to obtain incisive data about damage trends, such as patterns in the age or model of any vehicles held. It will also help insurers monitor salvage processing costs.

STAT US can be accessed using a secure extranet link protected by an encrypted password.