Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has made a major move into the e-commerce sector by launching icons@CSC, an internet consultancy and services unit targeting intermediaries.

The service aims to enable users to have the level of on-line functionality they require – should this be basic web design, hosting, and authoring services or fully interactive quotes facilities.

Rob Quayle, business development director at CSC Retail Insurance Division, said: "Brokers need a specialist insurance partner who is committed to the broker channel providing the technology to enable the broker to compete.

"CSC is uniquely positioned to offer interactive quotes as part of intermediaries' web pages, and giving intermediaries the tools they need."

CSC has five people available to provide consultancy services. The move means that all of CSC's quotes systems will be web-enabled where brokers desire this as an option.

Quayle continued: "We have been working in the background and now we have something major to offer, we have deployed it." The software house says it is already implementing a major web strategy for one broker, and details are expected over the next few weeks.

CSC has developed a costing schedule for intermediaries, so they can gauge an idea of what their web intentions will cost.

A basic service including internet connection, a design template, and a couple of web site changes each year, will cost in the region of £660.

Moving up a couple of levels, the service offers monthly web site changes, quote captures from the brokers in-house systems, search engine registration, and credit card payment capability. This would cost approximately £5,500.

At the top end of the service, prices are available on application and full interactivity is possible.