Our firm has recently agreed to manage a book of internet motor business.

As everyone knows the internet is the way to do business these days - low acquisition costs, market penetration etc etc. However, we examined 100 applications, taken alphabetically. Of these 13 provided insufficient evidence of no claims bonus, yet were accepted. Others we suspect have conveniently hidden the fact that there are two or more cars in the family with young drivers.

All this goes to show that the worst people to obtain motor quotations are the clients themselves - no doubt some claims will be voided and, even in today's madness, they will have no one to blame but themselves ..

There have been many changes in the insurance market over the years - or have there? I recently came upon an old copy of the Insurance Times (January 1995) In it we have the following:

An article about windscreen discs - should they be introduced? Andrew Paddick complaining about an insurer's TOBA.

Law firms reassess their PI needs.

A letter from a broker saying that the industry is in a mess and another saying brokers give better service than direct companies.

Talks about amalgamating BIIBA and the IIB.

An amusing article about how insurers cut commission rates and try to persuade a broker it's the broker's fault due to claims experience. (It should be reprinted if Andrew Densley agrees.)

Oh and David Seaman doing well in the Provincial fantasy football league. Plus ça change...

John Portwood
B Portwood & Co

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