Internet of Things capability can give underwriters a competitive edge in risk analytics

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Computing giant Dell has released an Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator to the insurance market, as companies look to technology for competitive edge.

The accelerator, which will provide insurers with a package of integrated tools, software and infrastructure, will allow firms to collate all their data on cloud-based models.

Through the accelerator, insurers can pool all data to more accurately predict risks.

Dell executive director of banking, financial services and insurance EMEA Simon Winter said: “The IoT insurance accelerator allows insurers to provide their customers with real-time information and support while improving an insurer’s operating ratios.

“The product is building on Dell’s world class end-to-end portfolio of Internet of Things-enabling solutions and services.”

IoT capability can help insurers analyse more risk data, and in more detail, meaning that underwriters can better tailor products to individual customers.

IDC 2016