Millions of motorists have admitted to not providing insurers with full and correct details in the hope that it would reduce their premiums, according to a recent survey by Sainsbury's Bank.

The research found "around two million [motorists] have listed someone else who is a lower risk than them as the main driver on their policy".

A Sainsbury's statement said: "Increasing car insurance costs have forced millions of motorists to take often drastic action in order to keep their premiums down."

Other ways in which motorists sought to reduce car insurance costs included:

  • Buying a cheaper policy with fewer benefits (3.6 million motorists)
  • Increasing the excess on cover (3.13 million)
  • Taking a named driver off the policy (1.7 million)
  • Reducing cover to third party only (1.46 million)
  • Selling their car and giving up driving (566,000)
  • Keeping their vehicle but not driving it (167,000).