Sponsored content: Rob Flynn, managing director of SME at RSA, discusses his time in the role before moving into his new role as commercial lines chief transformation officer in May

1. You have been vocal about eTrading improvements for SMEs. What has driven this and how did you decide what areas to change?

I am vocal because we have transformed every area of our eTrade service, with every enhancement driven by broker feedback.

Rob Flynn RSA

Rob Flynn

We have focused on gathering as much feedback as possible from our brokers and this is at the heart of every improvement, because our aim is to be number one for broker experience in the market.

We have developed feedback loops and undertake regular testing with a panel of brokers to drive continuous improvement actions. This is the insight that guides us.

2. How does your eTtrade service supports brokers in their ambition to grow their businesses?

It’s vital we support brokers growth ambitions and RSA Online supports that aim by freeing up brokers’ time with faster and simpler eTrade.

We have made over 350 updates to RSA Online, so brokers who’ve not used us recently would be surprised by the difference.

It is quicker and easier to obtain a quote, because our questions are now focused on enabling enquiries to flow straight through as much as possible – typically, eight out of 10 enquires get an instant decision.

Over the last year, we have added new tools to make eTrading smoother, including some that allow brokers to check eligibility up front.

We also recently launched a broker dashboard that offers new features to support growth. For example, Retargeted Quotes is an automatic fresh new business quote on business combined or property owners business we quoted last year.

3. How have the changes you made impacted brokers trading with you on other platforms?

We’ve transformed across every area of our eTrade business, not just RSA Online.

No matter what platform, all brokers benefit from our nine products rated five stars by Defaqto.

We have significantly increased the size of our underwriting team and enhanced their front line authority to enable quicker decisions. We have organised ourselves into product-focused underwriting teams, so all brokers gain from a greater depth of experience.

It is also far easier to contact us – we have one phone number for all SME queries and each SME product has one mailbox, so emails are directed to the correct product focused teams. Our Live Chat has been optimised too, so brokers are ensured of reaching an empowered underwriter.

4. How does your claims service support your overall eTrade offering?

Brokers and businesses can be confident in RSA, as we have been consistently rated by brokers as number one for their commercial claims service in the RSA Broker Voice Survey.

Our online property claims tools, such as our e-FNOL portal and Claims Online, allow brokers to be able to report and conveniently track a property claim.

We also offer ‘express claims’ for straightforward, property claims under £5k, where we aim to conclude settlement as quickly as possible.

Brokers need to provide limited information to validate the policy and we work to set service level agreements to manage expectations of initial response and progress updates of the claim.

5. When listed amongst other quotes, what makes RSA stand out? Why would a broker pick RSA for their client?

It is about the brokers’ trust and confidence in us throughout the insurance journey. We are a leading insurer, which is reassuring for business customers who know us and our brand values. Brokers can have the confidence to recommend us and know that we are around for the long term.

Our products are high quality, again providing brokers reassurance that they aren’t taking a risk in where they place their customers’ business.

93% of brokers say the service they receive from us is good or excellent. This consistent positive broker feedback should encourage more brokers to trust our eTrade service.

At the end of the day, the customer wants to know the insurer is reliable and any claim will be settled fairly and promptly.