OutRight's teachnoloy aids service men and women gain access to insurance at home and abroad

Forces Financial, formerly NAAFI Financial, has teamed up with OutRight to offer servicemen and women car, household, motorcycle, travel and kit and contents insurance policies.

The Forces Financial car insurance policy provides cover for personnel serving in the UK, Northern Ireland, Germany or Belgium. The scheme offers optional airside cover, for vehicles taken onto a military airfield, legal assistance and overseas breakdown cover.

The kit and contents policy ensures kit is covered on operational deployments around the world as well as at home in the UK.

Andy Lee, CEO of OutRight said: “The Armed Forces are critical to UK and international security. However, a military lifestyle has at times made the delivery of insurance services highly problematic. By providing a centralised service from the UK, supported locally, we aim to offer exactly same level of support that they would have received had they been permanently resident in the UK."

In addition, Forces Financial customers have instant access to policy documentation, mid-term adjustments and cover notes through print and production facilities in the Forces Financial branches located on military establishments.