Fortis Insurance is offering to settle claims from individuals injured and killed in the Selby train crash, without admitting liability for the £40m accident.

Fortis is the insurer of Gary Hart, the Land Rover driver whose car was involved in the March disaster in which ten people died.

Hart's policy provides unlimited liability for third-party claims and the case has already been touted as the most expensive in motor insurance history. Industry reports suggest the potential bill could reach £40m.

Claims director Alan Sendall said investigations were continuing into the circumstances of the crash. Although Fortis was in contact with police and investigating authorities, he did not know when the case would be concluded.

“However, irrespective of the outcome of these investigations, claims relating
to the injured and deceased will be dealt with and paid by Fortis Insurance,” he said.

“We're keen for these claims to be handled compassionately and resolved quickly for those involved, who'll be going through a difficult period at this time.”

Fortis Insurance retained £1m liability, Fortis International Group has £500,000 retention and the company also has reinsurance cover with several major reinsurers, which it has refused to name.

Sendall said soon after the accident that he expected the bill to run into “tens of millions of pounds”.