Mechanic who owes €30,000 ordered to keep his €50,000 powerboat

A mechanic, who owes almost €30,000 of legal fees after being caught making a fraudulent personal injury claim, has been ordered by a judge to keep his €50,000 luxury powerboat.

Ian Doyle, of Dublin, has also been told not to reduce his assets below €28,881, as reported by the Irish Independent.

In October 2017, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke found that Doyle had fraudulently claimed €60,000 damages against motorist Belinda McLoughlin and the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) in a “set up” road traffic accident.

Barrister Moira Flahive, counsel for Zurich Insurance and the MIBI, said an order for legal costs had been made for €28,881 in favour of the MIBI, who was seeking to recover them.

Doyle was one of four claimants who were seeking a combined total of €240,000 in damages against McLoughlin.

Zurich then found that Doyle was trying to sell his luxury powerboat while fully aware of the charges against him.

The remaining three claimants in the set-up accident included Peter Slattery. Belinda McLoughlin was his girlfriend who had admitted liability for the accident but took no part in the defence of the cases against her and the MIBI.

The four claimants each made €60,000 whiplash injury type claims against McLoughlin and the MIBI.

But back in October, Mr Justice Groarke said it was obvious the accident was staged.

He said: “These accidents were planned…and all four plaintiffs were willing participants in them and party to a fraud.”

The successful application before Judge Linnane, blocking the sale of Doyle’s luxury cruiser and restraining him from reducing his assets, did not involve any of the other three claimants.