William Dewsall was paid £924,000 in 2014

William Dewsall Gable

Gable chief executive William Dewsall was paid a total of £924,000 in 2014, up 8% on the £855,000 he received in 2013.

The pay rise comes despite the unrated insurer reporting a £5.4m loss in 2014 after injecting £6.3m into its reserves.

Dewsall’s base salary in 2014 was £440,000 up 1.1% on the £400,000 he was paid in 2013. He also received a bonus of £440,000 (2013: £400,000).

According to Gable’s annual report, Dewsall is paid a performance-related bonus of £110,000 a quarter.

The remainder was made up of share-based payments of £44,000 (2013: £55,000).

Gable group finance director Mike Hirschfield was paid a total of £215,000 in 2014. He was paid £48,000 in 2013 after joining the company in September that year.