The majority of motor accidents happen when vehicles are travelling at speeds below ten miles per hour, new figures from claims adminstration company Town & Country have shown.

The firm says that 62.3% of total claims received indicate vehicles were travelling between one and ten miles per hour.

Sales director Stephen Wellbourne said: “These statistics are quite alarming. Drivers need to improve their motoring skills when driving at slow speeds.

“It is arguable that at this level [of speed], they may switch off their attentiveness because they think it is easy. This is clearly not the case.”

The findings come as there was a massive claims pay-out in the courts this week.

On Monday, the High Court ruled that driver Ricky Darnon should pay £3.5m to Jamie Webb who was 12-years old when he was run over.

Webb was paralysed in the incident and has only just started talking again, five years later.

Although Darnon was driving within the speed limit he was deemed to have driven negligently because he failed to slow down and did not pay due care to parked vehicles.