Groupama is to roll out its first product with full Imarket end-to-end connectivity "within weeks".

Ken Hutchinson, the insurer's e-commerce manager, told Insurance Times that Groupama was currently testing a shop product on the Acturis system and would then move to SSP and Misys systems.

"On the Acturis system you can now get a quote and bind a risk," he said.

"It should be weeks, not months, before the product is rolled out."

Hutchinson said that after achieving imarket connectivity with the shops policy, Groupama would move on to small package policies such as offices, tradesmen's liability and property owners.

' Groupama is to expand its new claims handling model to SME, fleet and motor lines by the end of the year, according to director of claims Graham Gibson.

The model, which uses experienced call handlers to answer claims lines, was initially introduced for household claims.

But according to Gibson, the practice proved so successful that it will be pushed into other lines of business.

He said the insurer was now focusing on healthcare and would apply the same practice to its SME, fleet and motor lines by the end of the year.

Gibson said the amount of time spent handling claims in its household unit had "reduced significantly", while customer satisfaction levels had risen by 19%.