Company names Susan McGuire as interim boss

Peter Austin is stepping down from his position as chief executive of Guardian Holdings Insurance Services on 31 March.

Susan McGuire, director of human resources and business services at GHL Insurance Services (GHLIS) will assume the day to day management of the company.

The company said a permanent replacement for the chief executive position is being actively pursued.

Austin was yesterday appointed chief executive of Zenith Insurance, the company owned Guardian Holdings.

McGuire will report to the GHLIS Board on all operational matters regarding the performance of the business and together with the senior management team ensure that the service provision to the Insurance Company is of the highest standard.

Joy Butler, director of finance, will assume the key control functions of chief executive and oversight as approved by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as well as responsibility for corporate governance and insurance mediation. Butler will be the primary liaison for the business with the FSA.

The company said that by splitting the focus internally and externally, the controls required for good governance are assured. Both McGuire and Butler have been appointed to the board of directors.