Ad depicts the changes within the home as a person progresses through life

Hiscox Advert

Hiscox has unveiled its latest TV advert about home insurance today.

The advert opens with a man walking towards his house and with the line “I moved here when I was 35 but this is the house I really grew up in because it is where I realised it wasn’t just about me anymore”.

The ad uses different 3D images projected onto the house to catalogue the changes within his home, from socialising with friends to having children, as he progresses through life.

The new advert which uses the strapline ‘as your home becomes more important, so does your insurer’, was developed by creative agency VCCP.

Hiscox UK marketing director Will Abbott said: “Hiscox has always been known for its distinctive and bold advertising and this is no different.

“We’ve used an innovative and sophisticated visual technique to dramatise a simple customer insight, in a way that sets Hiscox apart from other insurers.”

Watch the full ad below: