Computer company reduces involvement in insurance

Manjit Rana has parted company with ICL, where he was the high profile head of insurance e-business.

The split follows a period of restructuring by ICL. The company is understood to be reducing its involvement with the insurance industry after a high-level internal review identified core focus areas.

Rana, 38, had been working for a year on developing an infrastructure system that could be used industry-wide. He said: "I'm disappointed, but I want to work for a company that is more committed to the market."

Rana has been with ICL for 18 months.

Previously, he was with the European division of Delphi looking at e-business models in the insurance broking sector.

Between 1994 and 1998, Rana set up Perfect Ten Group, which was sold to Computer Sciences Corporation. He started his career at Misys in 1987.

Now Rana is hoping to work on ways of exploiting IT for suppliers and insurance companies.