MRL revamps multi-trip plan
Surrey-based MRL Insurance has revamped its annual multi-trip travel policy for the second time in six months. The standard policy, which covers 31 days travel a year for ages up to 65, has been improved in terms of both holiday days covered and age range. Cover now extends to 90 days a year for ages up to 79-years-old for an additional premium. The standard policy costs £79 for individuals, £99 for couples and £109 for family cover. Cover can be bought for both holiday and business travel worldwide and includes 17 days skiing.

MediCover in travel warning
Specialist insurer, MediCover, is warning that travellers with known medical conditions could soon find it much more difficult to arrange holiday insurance on standard terms. A spokesman Andrew Blowers said there was evidence that some firms were restricting cover or imposing prohibitive excesses and added that his firm would provide cover for all travellers with virtually any medical condition. He says cover is high at £10 million while the excess on any claim is only £35. The firm does not charge standard rates but gives the example of a 56-year-old woman with angina. She would pay £49.66 for ten days in Europe or £174.38 for 17 days in the United States.

Spectrum hits the slopes
Travel consultant, Citybond, has renewed its Spectrum Millennium winter sports policy for 1999/2000. Spectrum Premier premiums have been maintained at existing levels. The upgraded Plus package also offers enhanced cover for ski equipment, and increased repayment of costs and physiotherapy for injured travellers. Both covers feature piste closure and travel delays due to adverse weather, and the length of cover can be tailored.

InterGlobal woos expats
InterGlobal is charging expatriates only for their first child for its medical insurance policy UltraCare – with up to three others aged under 18 covered free under a single flat-rate premium. Managing director Andrew Blowers says many expatriate families will now pay much less for medical cover despite a recent ten per cent annual rise in premiums. "The bigger the family, the bigger the savings for those who switch to InterGlobal from other leading insurance providers," he said.

Lewis lands biker gear
Simon Lewis from Basingstoke has won a complete set of biking leathers as part of a 12-month promotional campaign to support Eagle Star's product "Key Choice Katana". Riders asking for a quote were entered into a draw for the clothes. After winning Lewis has £800 to spend on the leathers of his choice.