Independent Insurance has launched a website to provide key brokers and commercial policyholders with online access to all its risk management expertise.

The site, which can be found at, provides a range of free services such as:

  • client risk management manual
  • reporting incident officers
  • recovery planning
  • health & safety and business helplines
  • adverse weather advice
  • technical briefings.

    There is also a comprehensive press centre providing access to the latest thinking on a wide range of risk-related subjects from alternative risk transfer to employment law and health and safety.

    In addition to current news items, it includes an archive containing a database of valuable news stories and features.

    A web directory of other risk-related sites provides a platform for anyone seeking to increase their knowledge of this subject.

    Assistant general manager Andy Hawkes said: “ The portal is very easy to use and we are actively encouraging both brokers and their clients to register because we firmly believe that it is going to have a big impact on all our businesses. It is also – importantly – a live site and will be regularly expanded and updated.”