BDML is thoroughly delighted that Paul has won the Insurance Times Young Achiever of the Year award.

Joining BDML in May 2004, Paul Stacy was appointed to the BDML management board five months later, in the position of operations director, making a significant impact to the team, and a valid contribution to the following achievements:

- Leading BDML's operation through a period of significant change including the integration of key functions as a result of the Capita purchase, Paul played a critical role in the company's achievements

- Developing and delivering balanced scorecards to 300 operational staff, team managers and managers via consultative working groups in each department

- Designing a weekly dashboard report that presents key performance metrics to management in a way that enables faster and better decision-making and makes operational performance transparent

- Building an Erlang-C staffing tool that managers use to optimise team shifts patterns and determine staff requirements

- Working with compliance to ensure all aspects of BDML's operation are compliant and documented in accordance with the FSA insurance conduct of business rules

- Taking over the management of the systems and accounts departments within BDML.

Mark Townsend, chief operating officer of BDML said: "Paul has made an astonishing start to his career in the industry and has demonstrated a rare ability to harness his extensive technical skills, admirable commitment and creativity in the pursuit of BDML's business objectives."