Past Insurance Times Awards Apprentice of the Year on the challenges and opportunities she faces in the insurance industry

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With a month left to get your entries in to the 2016 Insurance Times Awards, we speak to inspiring past winners about their win, top tips on submitting entries and industry experiences.

Here RSA trading underwriter Beth McNeil talks about winning the 2015 Apprentice of the Year Award.

Why do you think you won?

Firstly, it was a complete shock that I won Apprentice of The Year in 2015 and I am very grateful. I think I might have won due to my enthusiasm in everything I do. Each task we were presented with I was always fully engaged with and eager to take on the challenge. Also, in a team environment I naturally take on a leadership role, which I think the judges recognised.

What are the opportunities or challenges you see for yourself going forward?

An example of an opportunity the award has given me is meeting Sian Fisher, CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Challenges are speaking to enough young people to encourage them to start a career in insurance early to mould the future of the industry.

What has winning the award meant for you?

It gives me a great sense of achievement. I am very proud and honoured to have won the award. It was a boost of self confidence in my own abilities as I definitely did not expect to win out of all of the candidates.

What does it take to develop a career in the insurance industry?

It takes focus, hard work and determination.

What advice do you have for young people thinking about a career in insurance?

Don’t be afraid to start a career early. There are so many career options within insurance that means you will find something to suit your wants and needs as well as enjoying a great career in an exciting industry.

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