Some insurers are declining travel insurance for lost luggage

A number of insurers have declined to offer cover for lost luggage and delayed flights going through Heathrow’s troubled Terminal 5 (T5).

A spokesman for Direct Line said: “We will not cover these risks for anyone using T5 after the start of the problems as anyone calling up for a quote will be well aware of the T5 issues. Insurance only covers events that the customer is not aware of at the time of purchase.”

Other RBSI brands are also offering restricted cover for policies purchased after problems arose with delays and luggage handling at T5.

All policies purchased prior to the problems with the terminal would be covered, the spokesman added.

200 flights in and out of T5 were cancelled and about 15,000 bags were backlogged following difficulties with the baggage handling system when the £4.3bn facility opened at the beginning of April.