Insurers want government to force driverless car markers to give up data 

Insurers are turning up the heat on driverless car makers to give up their accident data.

ABI autonomous driving group chief David Williams said he wants it ‘mandatory’ for driverless car makers to give up accident data.

Insurers were proposing changes to driverless car legislation going through the Commons to force the issue.

“These cars are going to be like computers on wheels,” he said. “We want to make it mandatory that certain elements of data are available instantly.”

The Department for Transport introduced the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill last month, which will clarify who is liable for driverless vehicle accidents. 

Driverless car owners must update their software, or face void insurance. 

Driverless car makers are reluctant to give up data, fearing a data loosening creates more opportunities for cyber attacks. 

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