Former Ward Evans director Alex Dawson has turned up again, this time as development director of Stag Security Services, a Harrogate security consultancy specialising in the training and provision of bouncers.

His profile mentions that Dawson has twice been nominated for the Yorkshire Young Achiever award, but oddly enough fails to mention his less illustrious business forays.

It appears that aside from his day job at Stag, Dawson remains the man behind yacht broker Nautica Yachts (Harrogate), where Backchat located him last year.

Perusing the Nautica Yachts website, along with the usual range of Sunseekers, Princesses and Fairlines for sale, Dawson is also broking a penthouse apartment in Marbella for just shy of £400,000. The owner's identity remains a mystery, causing Backchat to muse on whose asset he's liquidating.