Group formed to encourage use of document repositories

Seven technology companies have joined forces to standardise document repositories and encourage their use in the London Market.

Rebus iS, Xchanging Ins-sure Services, August Group, Intech Solutions, Melstar Information Technologies, Randall Lyons and Tower Technology have formed the Repository Infrastructure Group (RIG).

The companies said this week that they have formed the group to deliver a common repository infrastructure that will increase the use of repositories generally in the market.

This marks a departure. To date, the companies have been working individually on selling and delivering document repositories.

The group's formation also ties in with one of the key aims identified by the London Market Principles (LMP) programme, which was the use of standard document repositories to improve efficiency.

RIG, which has been in the pipeline for several months, is currently deciding which components to include in a flexible repository infrastructure.

It said that possible components include: portals; single logon; multiple-repository indexing and searches; up/download from one application to another; access control lists and a global directory.

The group said it aims to deliver its first system interfaces in the first quarter of 2003.

Rebus iS marketing director Alistair Lamb said: "For us to be successful, the London Market has to be successful. Rather than working individually on repositories, creating little pools of information, we believe by working together we can create an ocean of information."