A big well done to SME Insurance Services, which even in these austere times is finding a few pennies for charity.

The company decided to support Guide Dogs for the Blind and hopes to raise £5,000 over the coming year to sponsor a guide-dog puppy through its first year of training.

Getting into the spirit of the thing, employees of SME took part in It’s a Knockout-style competitions at a recent fun day, including Braille decoding, an assault course and “pin the tail on the puppy” using eye condition simulation glasses to help gain an insight into the variety and number of visual impairments.

The firm’s directors, Jason Gandy and Roger Snowden, weren’t afraid to muck in either. They took part in Guide Dogs for the Blind’s recent 4 x 4 Bush Craft and Wilderness Survival Challenge to boost the funds even further. The weekend included gruelling tasks such as preparing their own wilderness meals, sleeping under the stars using only the shelter they could make from basic materials as well as learning survival skills such as making fire with sticks.

I’m told the team enjoyed every minute, despite the driving rain, freezing cold weather and the breakdown of the beloved SME Land Rover ...