Small bodyshops will be able to submit quotes to insurers with greater ease following the launch of Motex's Easiest system.

Motex sales director Dennis Bidwell said Easiest would remove the need for bodyshops to buy estimate systems from individual insurers, which he said were often far too expensive for small operators to afford.

Bidwell said the Easiest system would accept quotes from bodyshops and convert them into the computer language required by each individual insurer through Motex's website.

The Easiest system will cost £125 each quarter, removing the need for a long-term commitment, and include a parts-ordering service and invoicing system.

More than 8,000 free disks with a demonstration of Easiest have been distributed with the November issue of Bodyshop magazine.

Bidwell said he had already received expressions of interest in the system from Australia, Japan, Malta, the Barbados and the US.

“This is the most revolutionary thing that's happened to the industry,” he said.

Motex has already developed a version of the Easiest system for motor cycles and is working on a similar computer system for heavy vehicles.