Employing young talent is my passion

One of my passions is developing talented people. There’s nothing more satisfying.

My latest mission is to bring more graduates and apprenticeships into our industry. I’ve five graduates in my area today and we’re looking to add another 45 this year, while most other insurers are upping their intake too. Applicants per place have gone up by 100% in the last two years and a lot more law graduates are applying. We regularly review our assessment process; it’s not just about the best grades.

We’ve also just started an apprenticeship programme for college leavers. This has been a bit of a personal crusade as so many young people are leaving college not quite sure that they want to take on the burden of student debt. The calibre of people we’ve seen is fantastic - hugely enthusiastic, passionate individuals. It makes me feel humble and excited.

Janice Deakin is intermediary and partnerships director at Aviva