Government plans to make it an offence to be the registered keeper of an uninsured vehicle do not go far enough to tackle uninsured driving, the AA said.

The AA said more ‘joined up' enforcement was needed to target the problem.

Consultation on the Department for Transport's "continuous enforcement of motor insurance from the record" proposals ended last Friday (25 February). Offenders who do not renew their policy or tell the DVLA their car is off the road will be slammed with a £100 fine for allowing their insurance to lapse.

AA insurance general manager Geoff Hoyle said: “Millions of people are detected committing road traffic offences – by cameras and by local authority parking attendants, for example.

“The data collected in this way should be used to check that the vehicles are insured. This would target irresponsible road users who, as many studies have shown, are the most likely to cause accidents.”