Heath Lambert has attacked Alexander Forbes' claims that it poached a complete specialist team.

According to Alexander Forbes, the Heath Lambert team would join its professions and corporate risk solutions divisions, specialising in the professions, construction and property, venture capital and corporate sectors.

The ten individuals names are: David Martin; Andrew Bickell; Richard Long;

Ian Chapman; Mark Perry; Stacey Coles; Andrew Robinson; Richard Gainey; Victoria Watts; and Tony Coleman.

But a Heath Lambert spokesman said: "This is old news. Some of these individuals left Heath Lambert over a year ago, others as many as six months ago.

"They were disparate and individual departures, and it is no way accurate to represent them as a team.

"Heath Lambert is a major player in the PI market, and we have recently added to our number with four senior appointments from other brokers."

He added that this was in line with Heath Lambert's policy of retaining and recruiting the very best talent.