Coversure mobile broker system collects risk data

Broker Coversure Insurance Services is rolling out a new quote system that is claimed to let its 250-strong on-road commercial team to assess risks accurately while on site.

After an initial two-month trial, the Delphi mobile quote system, which has been developed in-house by Coversure's software team Data Matters, will be supplied to all of Coversure's 75 offices nationwide.

Coversure chairman Mark Coverdale said that the laptop-based programme, which cost about £55,000 to develop, provides prompts so that while on the road brokers collect the correct information needed to assess the risk. On returning to the office, the information is downloaded from the laptop into the client record, and quotes are generated.

Coverdale said Delphi speeds up the quote process by eliminating the need for re-keying information and for repeated telephone calls to the client to gather additional information.

"For commercial risks you need to go out and see the risk to assess it. It's far better to do it on to the system, where you have the validation of answers, than scratching it down on a piece of paper," he said.

"The fact that you only do the single-keying is brilliant."