Tom Broughton, editor

Planning, reforecasting, regulatory reform, recession, redundancies, declining revenues, missed opportunities, trouble, strife. It’s not been an easy start to 2009. Here are 10 musings on the first half of the year, including a couple looking ahead:

1. What will Peter Cullum do with his separate broking company/lifeboat CCV? (See news.)

2. AIG UK. Trade sale? Public listing? Or foreign takeover? Either way, chief executive Lex Baugh is doing a top job to stop the rot and steady a sinking tanker. He should be kept on.

3. If 15 competing committees are to represent London brokers, and Airmic represents large clients, then who is looking after the interests of SME transactions in the regions?

4. Why does Bluefin put more business through Aviva than AXA? If you were sat in Paris, you would surely want parity.

5. When will the Willis MGA begin writing business? And why hasn’t it done so far?

6. Regulatory change is a concern for insurers. Winners and losers will emerge out of the ether. You will always hear more noise from the potential losers.

7. The FSA spent £797,311.47 on its commission disclosure review. What a waste of money.

8. Why did Peter Harmer leave Aon? Watch out for more people moves at the top. And isn’t it time that Bridget McIntyre (RSA) or Peter Hubbard (AXA) came back?

9. How many insurer bosses will fall on their swords this year? Think falling revenues, profits and market share at the expense of bulk commission negotiation.

10. Who will be forced to move first in the overheated motor market? See page 16.

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