LV started offering legal advice services in January 2016

Insurer LV has pulled out of the legal advice market after less than two years of launching the service.

The company teamed up with law firm Lyons Davidson in January 2016 to launch the service, called LV Legal Services, which provided advice on personal injury, among other areas.

LV’s website is directing existing LV Legal Services customers to contact Lyons Davidson.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We have decided to no longer offer LV Legal Services.

“While feedback from our customers on the services we provided was very good, the sustainability of LV Legal Services required scale and significant investment.

“To ensure we continue providing our customers with great products and quality customer service, it was decided that we’d instead focus on strengthening our capabilities in our core businesses of General Insurance and Life & Pensions and any necessary investment is being put into these specific areas.”

The company added that while its legal advice service will not be available to new customers, it will fulfil any services that existing customers have already bought.

In addition to personal injury, LV Legal Services advised on wills, power of attorney, probate, conveyancing and employment law.