The combined Jelf and Bluefin will be known under one name from early 2018

From early 2018, Jelf and Bluefin will begin to rebrand as Jelf. The Bluefin name will continue to be used for some established Bluefin businesses, such as Bluefin Network and Bluefin Sport.

Phil Barton will continue to serve as chief executive after the rebrand and will report to Marsh UK & Ireland chief executive Mark Weil.

“Throughout this year we have brought together Jelf and Bluefin under a single management team drawn from both firms, combined their branch networks and significantly expanded their risk management, insurance and employee benefits offering to clients,” said Weil.

Weil continued, “We want to make sure that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the best possible advice. Building on the Jelf name – which has been synonymous with community broking for almost 30 years – gives us a well-known and highly-respected platform from which to help the SME and mid-size companies that drive Britain’s economy.”

Barton added: “We are fortunate to have such a wide range of knowledge, skills and passion within our business. By drawing on the combined capabilities of Marsh, Jelf and Bluefin, we are now able to offer an unrivalled proposition and world class service for businesses and individuals across the UK.

“Ever since it was formed, Jelf has been known for its entrepreneurial spirit. This will be integral to the new Jelf as it better enables us to understand the challenges our own clients face in growing and protecting their businesses. With plans to further build our product range and analytic tools, while maintaining our commitment to high quality technical advice, we will be able to assist companies address the key risks they face as well as emerging risks such as cyber more effectively.”

Marsh acquired Jelf in 2015 and Bluefin in December 2016. It currently employs around 3,000 staff and serves 250,000 clients.