Miles Smith has dismissed broker fears that claims would go unpaid following its financial difficulties earlier this year.

Insurance Times received a letter from DOR Insurance Brokers managing director David Owen in response to last week's story on Miles Smith's relaunch.

Owen claimed that his customers had been unable to cash claims cheques issued by Miles Smith. The Cheshire broker said, despite having written more than 30 letters to Miles Smith managing director Paul Chainey, he had not received a reply.

Owen, who said he was owed between £2,000 and £3,000, also claims he wrote three letters of complaint about the issue to Lloyd's but received only one reply.

However, Chainey said he had informed Owen that his money was trapped in an insurance brokers account over which Miles Smith had no control. He said there were complications in the relationship between Miles Smith, Owen and Lloyd's underwriters on which he could not elaborate.

Chainey said he passed Owen's letters, of which he disputed the number, to Pricewaterhousecoopers. A Lloyd's spokesman said they had also passed Owen's letters to the receiver.