Reuben Aitchison, Aon’s hitherto goateed PR guru, is growing a moustache (or a “mo”, to use the vernacular). Why this sudden decision to sport retro facial hair? Apparently, it’s to raise money to fight prostate cancer.

“Since I grew a goatee for a role in a stage production of Bouncers in 1994, I have held

fast to my face fur – or rather, it has held fast to me – and I feel somewhat naked without it,” says Aitchison rather forlornly.

“That said, last Friday I shaved my face to within an inch of its life and, during Movember [the month formerly known as November], I’m growing a mo.

“I’m bringing it back because I’m passionate about men’s health issues and being proactive in the fight against prostate cancer and because I’m just too damn unfit to run 10 miles, five miles or even around the block.”

So if a friend of yours suddenly grows a handlebar moustache or other dramatic facial adornment, you’ll know why.

Aitchison says he’s still considering his mo-style. Backchat thinks he should go for a wicked Dick Dastardly. Mo ho ho ...

You can donate to Reuben’s valiant effort at