Software house in bid to win business from rivals

SSP will offer a money-back guarantee in a bid to win business off rivals Misys and Sirius.

SSP marketing director Nick Southan said brokers signing up to SSP would be given a guarantee that their business would be improved as a result of the switch.

The list of guarantees sent to SSP customers reads: "When using recommended Key Choice services, the measurable financial gain generated over a 12-month period will be in excess of your membership charges, or you will be refunded the difference in full."

The guarantees also promise that brokers will gain "competitive advantage" from using SSP software.

Southan said that as part of the plan, an invitation to meet with SSP will be sent out to 3,000 Misys and Sirius brokers.

Brokers will be asked for a half-hour meeting, with no commitment to sign up to the service.

SSP is hoping to win 100 new customers as a result of the meetings.

Southan said that since introducing the guarantees for existing customers 18 months ago, less than 10 brokers had qualified for a refund.

He said that SSP had seen record levels of sales over the past two months, and hoped to build on this success.

Southan added that SSP, which recently completed a refinancing deal with Lloyds Development Capital valuing the company at more than £40m, had a target of increasing its value to £75m over the next two to five years.

He said that the roll-out of SSP's Insight project was on track, with Malta-based Middlesea Insurance due to go live with the system in January 2005.

Towergate Marine, RIAS, Willis Commercial Network and Layton Blackham have also all signed up to Insight.