The recent floods have shown that homes made with traditional mortar may be more vulnerable to the risks of water damage than newer buildings.

This is because traditional binding materials tend to have a more porous quality than modern-day cement.

However, homes built with older style mortar can now benefit from improved protection and maintain their historic look.

Telling Lime Products have produced a range of natural hydraulic lime mortar materials that can be used externally and internally to improve waterproofing in the form of plaster and other rendering.

Its products have been used on historic buildings including Somerset House, London, which is vulnerable to moisture and salt penetration from the nearby River Thames.

Tony Barker, technical sales manger of Telling Lime Products, said: “Our material was recently used to waterproof the basement walls of Somerset House in the largest underground plastering job for 40 years in Britain.”

He added that the material could also be used on newer buildings to prevent water penetrating brickwork.