Q360 is backed by run-off buyer Tawa

A new London-based commercial broker called Q360 has been launched today.

Q360 Ltd will initially operate in onshore energy, property, binding authorities, professional indemnity and non-recourse finance construction.

David Merry is the new broker’s chief executive, and Tawa, best known for buying run-off reinsurers, has provided the capital backing.

The founders are Merry, Graham Kilby and Richard Burggraf.

In addition to providing capital backing, Tawa is providing Q360’s post-placement services via its subsidiary, Pro.

“The wholesale broking sector has a number of systemic issues that many companies are failing to address or do not have the vision or capital to address,” Merry said. “Q360 is a totally client-focused business and Tawa is a partner that shares our ambition and vision.”

Tawa chief operating officer David Vaughan added: “At Tawa, we realised that the wholesale broking sector presented an opportunity for a company operating from a high-tech platform, free of legacy issues. This combination gives markets efficient distribution and provides clients with access to broking talent free from external and internal distractions.”