’Their priority right now is to help any affected customers recover as quickly as possible,’ says adviser

The ABI has assured homeowners and businesses that insurers are ready to help and support customers affected by Storm Henk.

In a statement issued today (5 January 2024), the association said that helping customers affected by the storm was a priority as it continues to batter parts of the UK.

The storm first struck on Tuesday (2 January 2024), with heavy rain and strong winds having continued throughout the week.

This has resulted in flooding in several parts of the UK, while residential and commercial properties have been damaged.

The ABI said said that damage caused by such weather-related events would be covered by most standard home, commercial and comprehensive motor policies.

And Louise Clark, general insurance policy adviser at the ABI, said that insurers “expect bad weather to strike at any time” and that “events such as this are exactly what your insurance is for”.

“Their priority right now is to help any affected customers recover as quickly as possible,” she added.


The ABI also issued advice to those who have been affected by the storm.

It urged such consumers to get in touch with their insurer as soon as possible and to not be in a rush to throw away damaged items – unless they are a danger to health – as these may be able to be repaired or restored.

The association also stressed that those needing to arrange temporary emergency repairs should speak to their insurer first.

“If you have to arrange emergency repairs yourself, tell your insurer and keep any receipts, as this will form part of your claim,” it added.