The MGA sees this as a ‘significant opportunity’ to differentiate its proposition

MGAs Arag and Dual Oliva have signed a deal to cover construction risks.

Arag has built a bespoke commercial legal protection solution, to meet the needs of Dual Oliva’s construction industry clients.

Arag is an MGA and insurance intermediary that provides before the event and after the event legal expenses insurance to insurers, brokers and solicitors.

Dual Oliva UK commercial director Craig Miller said: “Legal protection is important cover for businesses in the construction industry, but also [presents] a significant opportunity for us to differentiate. Arag has built a product for our clients that provides wide cover and a great range of benefits.

“While the sector has been incredibly busy, that heightens some risks and these are obviously very uncertain times, so we have worked with Arag to secure the best possible protection for our clients in construction and other industries.”

Added value

The cover includes indemnity against the legal costs of employment disputes and tax investigations, as well as optional contract and debt recovery cover for construction disputes.

The arrangement also includes Arag’s crisis communications and an executive suite of covers that offer personal protection for principal officers in a business. Policyholders will additionally be able to access telephone legal and tax advice and online legal document building tools.

Arag already provides a similar policy for Dual Oliva’s commercial clients outside the construction industry.

Arag UK sales manager Matt Warren added: “We understand the need to offer something different to clients, to stand out in a crowded marketplace and add real value to a proposition.

“Arag prides itself on being the specialist for specialists, so we work very hard at tailoring our products to meet the needs of specific businesses, to ensure they get the legal protection that really fits the dynamics and risks of their industry.”