’Handl Group’s success is built on growing the companies we invest in,’ says chief strategy officer

Handl Group has announced two acquisitions as it looks to strengthen its position in the neuro rehabilitation market.

The deal will see the two firms, called Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapy (PSP) and Osiris Health, join Handl’s health and wellbeing division.

The insurance buy-and-hold investor said it will help the duo scale up as part of its portfolio as it looks to enhance its neuro rehabilitation capabilities.

“Handl Group’s success is built on growing the companies we invest in and finding ways for them to build expanded service propositions,” chief strategy officer Daniel Franklin said. 

“That’s exactly what PSP and Osiris Health needed.”

Future deals

The deal will see PSP’s Peter Sanderson remain with the business as clinical services director.

“As clinical services director, I’ll be able to continue the work we’ve started, keep the health and wellbeing division’s vision aligned and ensure that more patients than ever before have access to industry-leading clinical interventions and treatment,” he said.

Handl Group is also looking at expanding its health and wellbeing division further in the coming months.

It will do this through more acquisitions, with the firm having a focus on finding companies that can work alongside their existing brands.