Although insurance-based PC game is currently a myth, steps such as this could support the industry in attracting a new generation of talent

Yesterday, on April Fools’ Day (1 April 2024), Insurance Times ran a story in conjunction with insurance administration software provider Genasys about the firm’s supposed sponsorship of a new insurance-based PC gameInsurance Simulator 2024.

Although Insurance Times would excitedly be circling the 1 May 2024 release date if such a game were to be launched, the story was in fact an April Fools’ Day joke. We hope you enjoyed the story and that it made you laugh.

War for talent

On a more serious note, the war for talent has been an ongoing discussion point across the insurance industry for many years.

Firms across the UKGI sector have been constantly battling to attract more diverse talent, graduates and younger professionals, as well as those with new skills that the industry needs to tap into, such as data science.

As a sector, UKGI has been desperately trying to revamp its image to become a career destination, rather than just a job that people fall into when they don’t know what other line of work to try.

Although Genasys’ PC game is fictional, maybe these are the lengths the industry should consider if it is serious about attracting a new trench of talent and injecting some fresh perspectives into the sector.

Kelly Ogley, chief executive of Howden Consumer and Local Commercial, discusses this topic thoroughly in this briefing column.