Clarkson admits that although he could afford these insurance premiums for his flat in London, it does not make it right 

TV personality Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out about the insurance bill he faces for his six-storey flat in London as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Clarkson’s insurance is set to rise from £8,000 to more than £60,000 a year, according to The Daily  Express. 

It follows the minister for building safety and communities, Baron Stephen Greenhalgh suggesting that Clarkson could afford these premiums. 

Although Clarkson admits that he could pay this, he stresses that this charge is “not right”, the fault may fall on the government for pushing the safety costs to remove cladding onto leaseholders.

However, he is also pointing the finger at insurance companies who he claims are profiting from the situation.

The former Top Gear presenter insists that the government should help reduce insurance prices, and that the fire risk for leaseholders in high rise flats needs to be addressed.