The market has been advised that it can now restore its network services

Lloyd’s of London’s investigation into “unusual activity” on its network has found “no evidence of any compromise” following concerns that the market had been subjected to a cyber attack.

The market reset its networks and systems as a precautionary measure last week (5 October 2022) and said it had secured its systems.

In a statement posted yesterday afternoon (10 October 2022), Lloyd’s said it was now working to restore services to the market and anticipated this would be achieved by tomorrow (12 October 2022).

A Lloyd’s spokesperson said: “Last week, unusual activity was detected on the Lloyd’s network.

“As a result, the proactive decision was made to take some systems offline and perform a cyber security investigation.

“This was led by a dedicated team and two specialist partners, Mandiant and NTT.

“The investigation has concluded that no evidence of any compromise was found and, as such, Lloyd’s has been advised that its network services can now be restored.

“We continue to work with our partners to monitor the IT environment as we restore services to the market, which we currently anticipate to complete by Wednesday 12 October.”