The technology could cut claims costs by £2,000 per detected claim 

Markerstudy Group-owned firm VisionTrack is aiming to ”transform” commercial fleet safety with the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) post-analysis solution.

Nara (Notification Analysis and Risk Assesment) is cloud-based software that intends to utilise AI to assess vehicle camera footage and help vehicle operators reduce road deaths and injuries.

The telematics and connected fleet data specialist estimates that the technology could cut insurance costs by an average of £2,000 per detected claim.

Richard Kent, president of global sales at VisionTrack said: “Nara proactively removes false positives and monitors driver behaviour, without the need for human involvement.

“With traditional video telematics solutions, commercial fleets can be experiencing hundreds of triggered daily events, so this will enable them to deliver more efficient working, whilst not compromising on road safety.”

Huge step forward 

Kent said that Nara is “a true game changer in the world of video telematics” because it can save time, costs and lives.

For example, its advanced object recognition uses deep learning algorithms to automatically identify different types of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Nara can also distinguish between collisions, near misses and false positives that can be generated by harsh driving, potholes or speed bumps.

It is also device agnostic, meaning that it can be integrated with existing connected-vehicle technology.

“Our vision is to create a world where all road-users are kept safe from harm, so we are embracing the latest advances in machine learning and computer vision to further enhance our industry-leading [internet of things] platform and AI video telematics solutions,” added Kent.

During Nara’s testing phase, a 1100-strong logistics fleet was found to be generating an average of 2,000 priority videos a week, which would typically take someone more than eight hours to review.

“As a true advocate of road safety, having already pledged our support to global initiative Vision Zero, we are passionate about helping the industry achieve its target of eliminating all traffic fatalities,” Kent said.